Book 'em Danno

Hah! That got your attention but, hate to tell you, this post has absolutely nothing to do with Hawaii - Five - 0.

Lynette and I were talking a couple of weeks back about the kind of books we like to read, which got me thinking about some of my favourite authors.

Tracy Chevalier - you know, who wrote Girl with a Pearl Earring, is definitely one of many current writers whose books I always look forward to. So, thought I'd recommend two of hers to you, if any of you are desperate for a good read and want to find a new author to tap into.

If you're into QUILTING this could be the one for you! Set in Ohio of the 1850's it's the story of "bad men and spirited women, surprising marriages and unlikely friendships, and the remarkable power of defiance."

Or, a little closer to home in the Winchester of 1932, there's this one for any of you who are into EMBROIDERY:

Involving a "disparate group of women" (sounds like Sew Sussex don't you think?!) who hand-embroider the kneelers for the cathedral. Our heroine is soon drawn into the secrets that make up their lives whilst the threat of a second world war looms.

They are both cracking reads so if you have the time and the power of concentration (which I am sadly lacking at the mo), then why not give them a whirl?

I'd love to hear any recommendations you have too!

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