They believed they could, so they did.....

Another busy day at 186 has passed and I'm sitting, reflecting on what was achieved, the lovely people who stopped by, and wondering what excitement tomorrow will bring.

So, today Postie brought three boxes of goodies, including much needed scrubs which means we can fulfil more of our outstanding (255 and counting) orders. Leslie brought scrub bags, head bands and masks, taking a stack of material to fill her week with yet more sewing whilst Ellen deposited another ten sets of scrubs before shooting off home to carry on with thirty or so more!

Claire arrived, having followed a very circuitous route, and Vicky gave her a thorough guided tour of the 'pink palace'. Hopefully the journey back wasn't quite so convoluted so she'll be back to visit soon.

As Philippa worked her usual magic, creating order out of what looks like chaos and devising new strategies to keep driving us forward, from her 's**t pit', Vicky was busy sewing at speeds to rival Lewis Hamilton - straight stitching one minute, over-locking the next whilst simultaneously answering endless calls and texts and scoffing rather a lot of choccies. How do they do it?!

Later in the day Frances (and her very sweet dog) popped by to say hello and very kindly gave us some biscuits (not that that's a hint you understand). Just prior to her visit a passer-by had stopped to enquire about cross-stitch classes, as he was an enthusiastic exponent wanting to improve his skills. We're hoping that he'll join up as a member and that we can find someone to run some classes (Philly is, no doubt, searching through her little black book as I write this) as he was very keen to learn more and would be another lovely addition to the ever- expanding Sew Sussex family.

Joe arrived at about three to collect the parcels,or should I be honest and say parcel singular today. We promised faithfully that normal service would resume tomorrow and he would have upwards of 50 packages to collect, to be sent off all over the country. That's one of my favourite bits - checking to see where each order is being sent to and imagining all the things you have made being worn in hospitals across all corners of England, Scotland and Wales.

Which thought brings me back to my quote/misquote at the beginning -

They believed they could, so they did

I still find it so amazing, so impressive that a handful of strangers can have created such a force for good in such a short space of time. And that the handful of strangers should keep expanding in to this wonderful community where we can laugh, cry and support each other as a family would. And still the ideas come, constricted only by the limits of some pretty limitless imaginations! They believed they could, so they did, and still are doing. Which is why I for one am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings, to seeing how many sets of scrubs we can send out to those who need them and to seeing what other flights of imagination can be turned into reality behind the doors of 186.

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